About us

ITsART is a platform fostered by the Ministry of Culture with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (Italy’s deposits and loans fund) for world-wide distribution of artistic and cultural content in digital form. ITsART’s industrial project partner is CHILI Spa, a company selected for its industrial and technological know-how. ITsART Spa is a company owned 51% by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and 49% by CHILI Spa, set up specifically to manage the platform.


  • We are working to become the principal digital platform for live and on-demand distribution of content representing Italian culture.
  • We host all expressions of culture and the arts, from conventional forms to experimentation with new idioms, offering a stage designed to thrill the public and represent the vast ecosystem of stories, personalities, places, knowledge, communities and traditions that have always characterised Italy.
  • We offer institutions, organisations, artists and cultural foundations a new opportunity to make the most of their heritage through their productions, amplifying opportunities for contact with the public on a global scale.
  • We aim to offer the best technology for enjoying content and the best know-how for promoting it, and we encourage the sustainability of cultural enterprises in compliance with the highest ethical standards.
  • We work with organisations, institutions, and public and private institutions to generate a new national awareness of culture, the arts, creativity and our country’s tangible and intangible heritage.

What we offer the Public

  • free registration;
  • programming featuring exclusive, continually evolving content, distributed through live streaming and on-demand;
  • free or pay-per-view use, depending on the content selected;
  • access via Smart TV, web, smartphone, or tablet;
  • periodic newsletter featuring customised content;
  • social channels through which to comment and interact with the community.

What we offer Professionals

  • a new digital channel to expand your audience;
  • an opportunity to reach your loyal fans and new audiences in Italy and all over the world with original content and formats;
  • experimentation with new idioms and channels, generating greater cultural value for your productions;
  • a way of making your projects more sustainable, through a relationship in which you receive a return from pay-per-view content and advertising;
  • establishment of new relationships with your area, the artistic community and institutions
  • integration of ticketing and e-commerce services for the sale of books, artworks and merchandise.

ITsART has an Italian heart and speaks to the world, is already present in all countries of the European Union with many contents translated into different languages. Furthermore, from 2022 it will also be available on the main international markets.

Our Values

ITsART stands out for the quality of its content and the technical features of its distribution platform. These aspects are based on a series of unique values we share with our viewers:

  • Usefulness: we consider culture, the arts and our tangible and intangible heritage a pillar of our national identity, useful for our country’s progress and strategic, democratic development
  • Inclusiveness: we offer a free stage open to a great variety of content, without any form of discrimination based on personal or social characteristics or opinions. We wish to promote an inclusive space that is based on reciprocal respect and offers opportunities for talent
  • Variety: we offer a multidisciplinary space, creating a virtual stage open to both tradition and experimentation, to the present and the future
  • Fairness: we concretely support culture by ensuring that people working in culture and the arts are paid fairly

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