L’Italia è Arte.
ITaly is ART.

ITsART is a new virtual stage for theatre, music, film, dance and all forms of art.

ITsART is a virtual stage for digital distribution of artistic and cultural content about Italy, an innovative opportunity for establishing contact between producers and the public, between artists and spectators, between artworks and visitors, amplified on a global scale.

ITsART is a home for the talent, passion, enterprising spirit and creativity that have always characterised Italy, capable of renewing itself over and over again while preserving its age-old traditions.

An exciting voyage of exploration of the country’s museums, theatres, libraries and archaeological sites, in cities and towns of extraordinary beauty.

A catalogue of content available via live streaming and on demand, to experience art, talk about artists, rediscover traditions and embrace experimentation.

ITsART raises the curtain on a vast ecosystem of art, museums, history, landscapes and architecture, inhabited by people who produce culture, art and creativity, for people who enjoy them.

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